Correct Class II Malocclusions with the Activator: A Powerful Orthodontic Appliance

Designed to open the bite and advance the mandible, the Activator is a key tool in orthodontic treatment. In this article, we explore the specifications of the Activator and highlight its important properties that make it an invaluable asset in orthodontic labs.

A Versatile Appliance that Corrects Malocclusions

The Activator is a functional appliance that plays a crucial role in correcting Class II malocclusions. Its innovative design allows it to erupt posterior teeth and create significant changes in the dental relationship across the axial, coronal, and sagittal planes. With a horseshoe-shaped lingual plate and a labial bow, the Activator offers a versatile solution for orthodontic professionals seeking to address malocclusions effectively.


Redirect Mandibular Growth for Optimal Results

One of the key properties of the Eurasia Dental Lab is its ability to redirect the growth of the mandible. By applying gentle forces to the jaw, it can guide the mandible forward, promoting proper alignment and occlusion. This redirection of growth plays a crucial role in correcting Class II malocclusions, helping patients achieve a harmonious bite and facial profile. Orthodontic labs understand the significance of this property and ensure the highest quality Activators are crafted for optimal patient outcomes.



The Activator is a powerful functional appliance designed to correct Class II malocclusions. Its ability to redirect the growth of the mandible and produce favorable effects on malocclusions makes it an indispensable tool in orthodontic labs. With its versatile design and precision craftsmanship, the Activator offers orthodontists the means to achieve orthodontic excellence. Trust in the expertise of leading orthodontic labs to provide you with high-quality Activators that deliver exceptional results.


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